Without sacrificing taste loose the weight with most scientific & personalized meal plan.

I want to:

Lose weight for ever

Maintain weight


Lose weight, boost your health

Planfasting helps you to boost your metabolism in healthy way and lose the weight. Results will be visible with in 2 weeks. The foundation is intermittemt fasting but along with a proper diet plan during fasting and non fasting periods

Nutrition Science + Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence along with science of Nutrition & Circadian Rhythm to help you in loosing fat and be fit. Discover your personalised fitness plan, based on detailed analysis of your Demographics, Lifestyle & Diet choices.

100% Personalised plan

Our plans are 100% personalized for you. Even a dietician can not create such a personalized plan for you as it requires good many inputs and calculations to crate the same which are much easier with technology than manually. Since plan is 100% personalized based on your likes and dislikes you will be able to adopt it for lifetime with ease



My learning is that weight loss is just adopting key nutrition mantras as the habits in life, rest all is crap. This app helped me in this journey, by sharing the science behind each of these mantras and has guided me in adopting these. Being a foodie my journey was difficult. But this app gives me a plethora of healthy options to eat and as per my liking , made the journey much easier.

Disha Jain

31 yrs, Delhi : Lost 14 Kg in 4 months

I had tried all sort of diets such as Gm, keto, intermittent fasting, did lots of exercises also. I got results in all but it was all temporary. Fightitaway prescribed me my personalised diet plan as per my liking which I can easily follow now and results are amazing. I highly recommend it , if you want to lose and maintain weight after losing it.

Shalloo Chawdhary

45 yrs, USA : Lost 45 Kg in 10 months

I have been experimenting different weight loss options, Even those claiming to lose 10 kg in 30 days. It is all a sham! Fightitaway taught me the right way of losing fat based on changes in lifestyle with my choice of meals and the concept of mindful eating.

Nitya Arora

28 yrs, Delhi : Lost 52 Kg  in 14 months

Fightitaway Methods

Based on best key principles of weight loss

Our diet plans are based on the key principles of weight loss which are advocated by the best dietitians globally. We use artificialintelligence to devise the meal plan which you can follow for life time as it is based on what you like to eat


No sacrificing of taste

This app creates YOUR OWN diet plan best suited to your lifestyle and Like / Dislikes We use the importance of timing as per Circadian cycle and focus of the right proportions.  We recommend whatever you like to eat as we regulate mainly the timings and quantity

Weight loss for life time is our focus

Diet plans like keto or crash diets can actually help you for weight loss. However weight will surely bounce back after some time.  The only and only permanent solution for being slim and fot for life time is to change the lifestyle and this is our focus area


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