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We create Smart Diet Recommendations

We compute calories needed for you as per your gender, height, weight and lifestyle, then we design food recommendations to take care of “How much”, “What” and “When” to eat.

Use Diet planner to create your own plan

We give you options to choose food items of your likings and update. And once you update we recompute :Calories in plan, nutrients in plan, distribution in day and if any if these are not aligned to the recommended then we alert you to alter it

Our Smart trackers will be you Habits coach

Habits are foundation of weight loss and we help you in adopting these with smart trackers. We also share science behind each habit. We track adoption of habits and alert when failing. We send notifications for habits adoption

OUR happy clients

” My learning is that weight loss is just adopting key nutrition mantras as the habits in life, rest all is crap. This app helped me in this journey, by sharing the science behind each of these mantras and has guided me in adopting these. Being a foodie my journey was difficult. But this app gives me a plethora of healthy options to eat and as per my liking , made the journey much easier.

Disha Jain

31 yrs, Delhi : Lost 14 Kg in 4 months

” I had tried all sort of diets such as Gm, keto, intermittent fasting, did lots of exercises also. I got results in all but it was all temporary. Fightitaway prescribed me my personalised diet plan as per my liking which I can easily follow now and results are amazing. I highly recommend it , if you want to lose and maintain weight after losing it.

Shalloo Chawdhary

45 yrs, USA : Lost 45 Kg in 10 months

” I have been experimenting different weight loss options, Even those claiming to lose 10 kg in 30 days. It is all a sham! Fightitaway taught me the right way of losing fat based on changes in lifestyle with my choice of meals and the concept of mindful eating.

Nitya Arora

28 yrs, Delhi : Lost 52 Kg  in 14 months

Our app is Different.We are NOT a Calorie Counter App
We Are AI Based Diet Planner

A high-fat or high protein diet may are challenging to maintain in the long term. One may develop symptoms of carbohydrate restrictions like Hunger, Fatigue, Irritability, Constipation, Headache, Brain Fog, etc.

We provide only healthy diet option

Research has found that after losing weight, about two-thirds of people gain more than they initially dropped. T Your metabolism slows down and it becomes more difficult to loose weight. In more some cases, it can result in a host of symptoms like decreased energy, generalized fatigue, anemia, brittle hair, and constipation.

We focus on life long weigh loss with healthy diet and without starving you..

Counting calories address only one dimension of weight management – how much? And for that also it requires waste of the mental time and energy. You’re constantly thinking about what you’ll eat next and how to ration those calories and ultimately 99% give it up.You are missing on 2 important aspects – What (nutrients) to eat and When to eat (aligned to Circadian rhythm . 

We give you smart recommendations and good many options

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